An introduction to Orgonite matrix material by Logan J

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  • February 26, 2017
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By Logan J

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I was facing east. And right on cue, the whole sky to the east lit up red. Lots of other people saw the same light in the sky, and even then I was quite certain that I was seeing something with my physical eyes and not with the mind' s eye. So you know, that kind of startled me a bit, I have to admit. But I just carried on, I kept up the intent that things would work out ok, and that whatever threat I was feeling would be done with. Leap of faith. You know, that' s what you do when you are confronting something nasty and perhaps stronger than you.

Bear this in mind when selecting photographs to use as samples. If the only photograph available reflects an aspect of the sample that you do not want to work with, then attach a note to the photograph clearly stating which aspects you do and do not want to work with. Another way to obtain a sample is to use fresh, clean water and expose the water to that which you wish to sample. Water records energy signature rather well. This technique is more suited to capturing samples of subtle energy fields and/or hertzian frequencies and/or sounds, or for use in manifestation (hold a vial of water while doing your visualization and use that water as sample).

You are responsible for knowing or learning what energy signatures it is appropriate to do what with at a given time, other than the specific samples I have given here in terms of minerals etc. -Jon Logan Using it to promote healing Method A: Take a sample of the person to be treated and place it in the trend witness well, wrapped in a slip of paper with the word ‘illness’ written on it. If the illness or problem is known, then use the name of the illness or problem on the slip of paper. Set the dials on the trend circuit, tuning the circuit into the energy signature of the problem.

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