An Insight into Hindu Philosophy: Life and Beyond by Satya Prakash Tiwari

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  • February 26, 2017
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By Satya Prakash Tiwari

Philosophy is an total imaginative and prescient or perspective in the direction of existence and the aim of lifestyles. it's a resolute try and comprehend and savour the universe as a complete, and enquire into the character of fact and fact. This booklet deals an perception into Hindu Philosophy, with certain specialize in its rules of existence and past. Tracing the starting place of lifestyles in the world, it offers the Indian non secular view of the universe and tie. additional advancing proofs for the lifestyles of God, it offers with the six famous colleges of Indian Philosophy - Sankhya, Yoga, Vaiseshik, Anaya, Mimansa and Vedanta. creating a comparative research of the Western and Indian perspectives of pluralism vis- -vis monism, it additionally offers an tricky dialogue on ethics, transmigration of soul and rebirth, the hierarchy of self-realization, and salvation or Moksha.

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The word dharma means 'nature' and as such religion may not be a true synonym of it. Dharma is of two types viz. temporary (Naimittika Dharma) and permanent (Nitya Dharma), the latter being of eternal nature as water is liquid by eternal nature but could take form of ice on cooling, temporarily till heating is there to bring it back to liquidity. The relationship of a jfva or essence of life with the Supreme or Absolute is eternal. This is the eternal nature (Sanatana Dharma) as it continues perpetually.

J. Phys. 56(5): 395-412. The Universe and the Man I 17 The wormhole COl' 1:1 be a tunnel connecting two openings in different regions of space-time and could be used for interstellar travel. Almost every major religion has an end of the universe prediction. lCtion. The theological study of the ultimate fate of the universe and the mankind is known as eschatology. 2. 7 billion years ago. 9 billion years ago. 7 billion years ago. Later, when massive forms of life including dinosaurs became extinct, remote ancestors of the human being evolved.

Rituals and cultural components are considered. e. spiritual, is the same. This component also helps overcome the conflicts arising owing to the first two components. All religions believe in the Supreme and teach morality, as well as principles of equality and reciprocity. Equality means that all the living beings are equal. "23 All religions have the same approach of self-introspection and the same goal of self23 From Bible 10 I Hindu Philosophy - Life and Beyond realisation and attainment of immortal values.

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