Adverb Placement: A case study in antisymmetric syntax by Artemis Alexiadou

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By Artemis Alexiadou

This monograph investigates a few important concerns within the Syntax of Adverbs with specific connection with Greek within the gentle of Kayne's (1994) Antisymmetry speculation. It examines the stipulations at the placement of a number of the adverb forms, their licensing requisites, and their relation to adjectives. the writer advances an research based on which adverbs are authorized as Specifiers of useful projections within the clausal area. As such, they input an identical relation with the correct positive aspects of the respective sensible head. Adverbs are both at once merged on the correct practical projection (for example Aspectual and Speaker orientated adverbs) or on the other hand they're moved to this place from the supplement area of the verb (for example demeanour adverbs). in addition, the quantity examines the phenomenon of Adverb Incorporation. it's proposed that Incorporation is compulsory for these vice president inner Adverbs that are 'structuraly non-complex' in Chomsky's 1995 phrases. eventually, the similarities and transformations among adverbs and adjectives, clausal and nominal constitution are investigated and a few asymmetries among the 2 are highlighted.

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The lexicon specifies the items that enter into the computational system. This in turn maps some array A of lexical choices to the pair (π, X). A indicates what the lexical choices are and how many items each is selected by the computational system in forming (π, X). Chomsky assumes that A is at least a numeration N. Numeration is defined as follows (cf. Chomsky 1995: 225): (9) N is a set of pairs (Li, i), where Li is a lexical item and i its index, understood to be the number of times LI is selected.

E. they are defined by an x-axis and y-axis. The three dimensional system is defined by an x-axis, an y-axis and a z-axis which adds a depth dimension to the dominance and precedence relations. Consider (25): In (25), alp (taken to be an AdvP) is beyond XP; np and X' are not beyond XP; In other words alp is not ordered as to precedence in relation to np and X'. There are three possiblities for the eventual ordering of all the nodes, which are illustrated in (26a-c): 40 ADVERB PLACEMENT The process of ordering in the z-axis is referred to as bending.

3 Fl>F2>F3>Fn Adverbial Licensing In this section, I will turn to the main proposal of this work. Before formulating my own approach, I will briefly review the other main approaches. 1 Predication Theory In Roberts (1987), adverbs are analyzed as predicates which do not assign a thematic role, but rather share the selection properties with other predicates. The following predication relations, according to which the different classes of adverbs are classified, are proposed: 1. Subject oriented {carefully) are predicated with INFL and an AGENT 2.

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