Acoustic Wave Sensors: Theory, Design, and Physico-Chemical by D. S. Ballantine Jr., Robert M. White, S. J. Martin, Antonio

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By D. S. Ballantine Jr., Robert M. White, S. J. Martin, Antonio J. Ricco, E. T. Zellers, G. C. Frye, H. Wohltjen

Written through an interdisciplinary staff of specialists from either and academia, Acoustic Wave Sensors offers an in-depth examine the present country of acoustic wave units and the scape in their use in chemical, biochemical, and actual measurements, in addition to in engineering functions. due to the inherent interdisciplinary functions of those units, this ebook might be invaluable for the chemist and biochemist attracted to the use and improvement of those sensors; engineer enthusiastic about their layout and development; the chemical engineer and the biotechnologist drawn to utilizing them for approach tracking and keep watch over; and the sensor neighborhood at huge.

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263) R2 = 0. 26 reflect the fact that moving surface mass leads to energy storage (L2) but no power dissipation (R2 = 0). Energy stored in the inductance arises from the kinetic energy of the mass layer moving synchronously with the resonator surface. 1. When a mass layer is added to one side of the TSM resonator, the electrical characteristics are changed, as described by the element L2. 8 shows the effect of mass loading on TSM resonator admittance near resonance. 0 C-----~ E mmm 53 A >.. 5 < 0 A • "o >.

7 Lumped-element equivalent-circuit models for the perturbed resonator [ 14]: (a) with complex impedance element Ze, and (b) with motional inductance L2 and resistance R 2. (Reprinted with permission, See Ref. [14]. 21. 13, but with the motional impedance given by: 1 Zrn = (Rl + R2) + joa(Li + L2) + jtoC----? 22) Since the series resonant frequency is defined as the point where motional inductance and capacitance resonate, the motional inductance L2 causes a shift in series resonant frequency (relative to the unperturbed case) given by: Afs = L2fs 2(L!

This element represents the increased kinetic energy contributed by the mass layer moving synchronously with the TSM resonator surface. 14) after adding an inductance value L2 = 188/~H corresponding to the surface mass density of 225/zg/cm 2. 5 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TSM RESONATOR CONTACTED BY LIQUID The TSM resonator can be operated in liquid to measure either (1) the accumulation of mass onto the surface from the liquid phase, or (2) properties of the contacting liquid itself. In this section we derive the equivalent-circuit model for the resonator contacted by a semi-infinite Newtonian fluid.

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