Manga Math Mysteries 8: The Runaway Puppy: A Mystery with by Lydia Barriman

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  • February 27, 2017
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By Lydia Barriman

After the fence gate was once left unlatched, Amy's playful new dog, Brada, has escaped! the opposite young ones are looking to support Amy and her mom and dad search for Brada. yet to discover her fast, they'll have to work out the place she was once probably to head. they will use what they find out about the place she had long gone within the past?and probability?to find... The Runaway dog.

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So the chance she’d go back there is almost as high. 35 You take the notebook, Amy. Thanks, Joy! Here, Brada! Dr. Ghosh, have you seen my daughter’s puppy? Dhruv isn’t home from his job yet. But if Brada had come to visit, our puppy would bark. I haven’t heard a peep from her. Brada! BARK! BARK! 36 Do you think she’s trying to tell us she knows where Brada is? I think she just wants us to come inside and play. Meanwhile . . Brada! Where are you?! Amy, slow down. I don’t think she’s here, honey.

Brada? BARK? Brada? Brada! 40 You silly dog! Hey! Yep! Is this your puppy? Oh . . 41 She was hanging around the school yard all day. We were just about to take her home with us. She didn’t have a collar. We thought she was a stray. If you hadn’t played with her, she might have run off and gotten hurt. Don’t you want to say thank you, Amy? 42 I’m Michael. Hi, I’m Amy. What’s your name? This is Brada. Thank you for taking care of her, Michael. You can come to my house and visit her if you want. I can tell she likes you.

F M Sa T Su W Th I’ll write down where you went, and we can count how many times you went to each place. They’re neighbors. They have dogs too. Who are Dhruv and Karen? I’ve never made a bar chart before. You could make a bar chart. Then it would be easy to see where she’s been most often. I’ll show you. A bar chart is a good idea, Sam. Then you put an X above the name of the place for every time she’s been there. First, you put the places where she’s been at the bottom of the page instead of the top.

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