47 Easy-to-Do Classic Science Experiments by Eugene F. Provenzo Jr., Asterie Baker Provenzo

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By Eugene F. Provenzo Jr., Asterie Baker Provenzo

Simple yet relaxing experiments, played with universal home goods, train young ones ideas of sunshine, elasticity, standpoint, gravity, air strain, optics, extra. directions, illustrations.

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For example, the illustration below shows a demonstration of air pressure in which an upside-down glass of water doesn’t spill through the handkerchief covering it! Then, for a second trick, it is possible to cause the water inside the glass to bubble as though it were boiling without being heated. How to Make Water Bubble Without Heating It MATERIALS large handkerchief small glass water KEY TERMS Air pressure: Pressure caused by the weight of the air at the top of the atmosphere as it presses down upon the air beneath it.

Cut the paper so that it overlaps the top of either glass by about one-half inch all around. Place the piece of paper on the open top of the first glass. Dampen the paper thoroughly. Set the candle inside the second glass, resting it on the bottom of the glass. Light the candle. Now, carefully place the first glass (with the piece of dampened paper over its top) upside-down on top of the second glass with the lit candle in it. Make sure you fit the mouths of the glasses together perfectly. The candle will fade out almost immediately because it quickly uses up all of the oxygen inside the glass.

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