School of Evil (Twisted Journeys 13) by Marie P. Croall

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By Marie P. Croall

At Darkham Academy, the lecturers are creepy, monsters lurk within the lab, and your dorm room is haunted! are you able to continue to exist the 1st day of college and end your homework on time? each TWISTED trips® picture novel permits you to keep an eye on the motion via making a choice on which route to stick to. Which twists and turns will your trip take?

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He stops right in front of you, waiting for your response. You fling it out over the pool. The headmaster’s face turns red as he screams in horror. ” The two of you watch as the book hits the water and sinks beneath the surface. The headmaster wades into the water to try to retrieve it, but before he can reach it, one of the giant crocodiles leaps up and devours the book in one bite. The headmaster quickly backs out of the water as the crocodile turns toward him. Seeing your opportunity to escape, you slip past, unnoticed by the reptiles.

She glares at you suspiciously. “Very well. Just be sure to have chapters 8–14 completed for tomorrow. ” You realize that the hardest part of going to a boarding school will be dealing with the other people—not the ghosts. You head back to bed to try to get more sleep. You’ve got a long night of homework ahead of you. The End 57 Afraid of angering the professor, you pick up the cup and drink the thick liquid. It smells like fresh-cut grass and tastes like pureed spinach. And it’s ice cold. You put the cup down and look at the teacher.

Investigate behind Turn to page 88. 60 As you walk over to the closet, the ghostly girl vanishes from where she was standing by the window. She leaves nothing behind that would prove to anyone else that she was ever there. For a brief moment, you wonder if she was real. Was your tired mind playing tricks on you? You smile at your nervousness and open the heavy closet door. Behind it is a large walk-in closet filled with silk dresses and shoes that look like they’re hundreds of years old. You dig through the clothes, looking for something that would be important to a spirit.

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