1001 Horrible Facts by Anne Rooney

By Anne Rooney

Bought a thirst for wisdom of all issues nasty? Then this yuckopedia’s for you! A staff of caricature characters publications you thru a dinner party of festering proof so terrible they’re not easy to believe.
Featuring gross truths concerning the human physique, foodstuff, animals, background, technological know-how, or even global documents in horribleness, it’s a true schooling in all issues rotten . . . input ye no longer, these of a vulnerable structure . . .

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Every minute, 30,000–40,000 skin cells drop off your body. Godfrey Hill, from the UK, has ten complete fingers and two thumbs, and has been accused of being an alien or the Messiah. If you try to stop yourself from throwing up by closing your mouth, the vomit will just come out of your nose. ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 You will produce about 33,000 litres (8,700 gallons) of urine in your life. ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 42 1001 Horrible Facts Bedouin wedding feasts sometimes include a roast camel, stuffed with a sheep, stuffed with chickens, stuffed with fish, stuffed with eggs.

A blush sends blood flooding into the tiny blood vessels on your face and also to the many blood vessels inside your stomach. 30 1001 Horrible Facts Roundworm is the most common gut parasite in the world. It looks rather like an earthworm, and you can catch it by eating food contaminated with faeces. A smelly fart contains the same gas that makes rotten eggs stink – hydrogen sulphide. If you laid out the airways in your lungs in a long line they would stretch over 2,400 kilometres (1,500 miles).

ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 A gut parasite carried in water infested half a million people in Wisconsin in 1993 when it got into the water supply. A hundred people died. Stomach gurgling – called borborygmus by scientists – is the sound of half-digested food, gas and stomach acid churning around. After you die, your body starts to dry out and shrink, creating the illusion that your hair and nails are still growing after death. Horrible Body Facts The disease necrotising fasciitis causes the flesh to rot from within and drop off in chunks.

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