Twisted Journeys 2: Escape from Pyramid X (Graphic Universe) by Dan Jolley, Matt Wendt

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By Dan Jolley, Matt Wendt

The mummies of Pyramid X are at the move--against you! how are you going to break out? each Twisted Journeys(tm) image novel enables you to keep an eye on the motion by means of selecting which route to persist with. Which twists and turns will your trip take?

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But that coffin looks so co Will you . . . approach the sarcophagus for a better look? Tu rn to pa ge 36 . to escape this craziness? y tr d an ay w or do e th . . take r n to pa g e 10 3 . Tu 33 34 Turn to page 61. “I, uh . . ” “Fine,” the thief says. “Emil, you go back to your group and keep covering for us. ” You follow the thief into another room. The other men are in there, carrying boxes filled with gold through a door and up a narrow ramp to the outside. “Take that one and go after them,” the thief tells you.

It says in its horrible voice, “. . to remain here for me. ” You try to scream again, but the mummy moves too quickly. Before you can react at all its hands close around your throat—and for you, this is clearly THE END 30 As soon as you slide the amulet over your head you feel power flowing through you. Amazing power. This mummy was meant to be a guardian. A protector. You turn and face the first mummy as it slides and scrapes into the room. ” it snarls. ” But you know the mummy couldn’t be more wrong.

Suddenly everything is silent. Everyone steps back away from you, staring. The amulet falls from your neck and clunks on the stone floor. You know the danger is over—that Pyramid X is safe now. Wow. “Kid Saves Fellow Students’ Lives” will look great in the school newspaper! THE END 31 The square of stone with the cat’s head symbol on it moves back into the pedestal. At first you think that’s all that’s happening . . . but then you feel the floor begin to tremble. You look around at the thieves.

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